Global civilization

Serbia is a global civilization. We are one of the oldest civilizations in Europe. We have a proud civilization that goes back thousands of years.

Our contribution

Our culture may have changed names. It may have migrated from Central and Eastern Europe to where Serbia is now, but we can stand proud with our heads held high to our contribution to Western Civilization as well as Global Civilization.

Cultural leadership

Serbia was, is, and will always be a proud beacon of cultural leadership in the world. We have our place in the world and we have a lot to be proud of.

Covering all

If you are looking for all things Serbian, you have definitely come to the right place. We cover all the current events in Serbia and other places in the world where there are a significant number of Serbian people.

What unites us

You have to understand that what unites us is both our common mother tongue, our culture, and our language. These are inseparable.

Social necessity

And regardless of where the Serbian people find themselves in the world due to economic as well as social necessity, our culture survives.

What we aim

This website aims to connect Serbian members of our global diaspora, if you will, in one inclusive place.

This is a place you can share ideas. This is a place where you can share news, resources, and simply hang out with other people who share your views, who speak the same language, and have the same religion. In other words, this is home.

Regardless of whether you are in Africa, Asia, Western Europe, North or South America or Australia, this is the place to be if you’re Serbian. There is no need to explain yourself, there is no need to prove something—you are home.

I remember when I was traveling abroad and it really made me nostalgic for Serbia. While I enjoyed the company of different people and different cultures, I still can’t help but think of home. Home is where you’re accepted. Home is where you don’t have to explain who you are, what you’re about and what you believe in. Home is where people naturally understand who you are because they are just like you.

A homeland

Everybody deserves a homeland. Everybody deserves a motherland they can always come back to. While political, social, cultural and economic necessities might push us to migrate all over the world, we will always have one motherland: Serbia.

Mother religion

It is my hope that this website gives a sense of continuity to people living all over the world who speak the Serbian tongue and practice our mother religion. Regardless of your specific politics, regardless of how many generations you’ve lived in your particular country, you will always be a Serbian. As the old saying goes, you can take the Serb out of Serbia, but you can never take Serbia out of the Serb. It will always be in our hearts.

Second best place

Our motherland will always be in our minds. Whether at the top of our minds or at the back of our minds, there will always be a part of our soul that craves our motherland. It may have been a long time since you set foot on Serbian soil—this is the second best place.

Connect with people

If you are craving anything and everything about Serbia, this is the place that would remind you of home. This is also the place that will connect you with people in your area who share the same culture as you.







World contribution


Reminding home

If you are craving anything and everything about Serbia, this is the place that would remind you of home. This is also the place that will connect you with people in your area who share the same culture as you.

Start today

Start your own community group today. Start your own networking organization. Make it a point to visit our home country every two years. Do your part in supporting our local tourism. Also, share your knowledge.

Work Together

Whether you are abroad as an engineer, a computer programmer, a designer, or engage in any other technical profession, network and bring that knowledge home. We have to work together to uplift and develop our home country. Nobody else would do it for us. Nobody else would love our country more than we ourselves.

Stand proud

We are the children of Serbia and we need to stand proud and, most importantly, act proud by supporting and helping each other out. Again, there’s nobody else that would do it for us except us. This is why we have put up this website.

A global clearing house

Support structure

This is a global clearing house of everything and anything related to our culture. We want a support structure that would help Serbian people all over the world, regardless of what they’re going through and regardless of their needs.

For serbians

Whether you have just left Serbia or you live in Serbia or you’re a third generation Serbian, you are more than welcome.

Right place

If you are looking for a direct and constant connection to everything about your homeland, this is the place.

Learn more

Learn to speak the language through our online language resources. Learn more about our culture. Download our books.

Free resources

We have all sorts of free resources that would enable you to stand proud of your culture.

Part of a people

You are a part of a people that has withstood all sorts of challenges for thousands of years.


And we will continue to survive such challenges

Create oppurtunities

create opportunities for ourselves for thousands of more years to come. We are the few, the proud. We love Serbia.

Blog Posts

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