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Just like with every other website on the internet, is a work in progress. We readily admit that we would rather get information up instead of rigorously testing each and every page on this website.

Since our focus is to disseminate as much information as possible, and as quickly as possible, there are certain things that may fall between the cracks. There might be certain links that may go bad. There may be certain bad connections between certain sections of the website.

Since we are a very small organization, run primarily by volunteers, we are relying on you, our global fan base of community members, to let us know if there’s something problematic with our site. Not only should you pay attention to websites that return a “404” or “page not found” error, you should also report pages that don’t load up quite right. This is especially crucial if you are viewing this content on a mobile device.

Whether you’re using a mobile tablet or phone, please let us know if a page doesn’t render properly or it renders slowly or things look out of proportion. We are constantly working to fix these problems, but we cannot get to the bottom of them in any thorough way if you do not help us out.

Please reach out if you see anything wrong with our website. After all, there is no such thing as a perfect site. This is a work in progress and we readily admit to that. However, we are optimistic that if you help us and you help us step up to these technical challenges, we would be able to fix all these problematic pages in whatever form they may take sooner rather than later.

Also, you should contact us if you have any kind of Serbian resource to share. We are a very creative people. We also build all sorts of businesses and enterprises all over the world. If you have some sort of announcement regarding the Serbian community or just to broadcast news about your business, you are more than welcome to share such information and we would be sure to post that material.

If you simply want a place to hang out, we warmly invite you to spend as much of your time here as possible. Pay attention to our forums. Contribute your fair share. Participate in the community. Even if you just have a question, that is good enough because every little bit of feedback or suggestion or comment that you share adds to the overall content base of this website and it enriches all of us, not just us here in Serbia, monitoring and maintaining this website, but the global community that share our culture.

It all boils down to building the community. We need your help for this. Even if we were to camp out on this website on a 24/7, 365-day basis, it simply would not be enough. We need everybody to participate. We need all hands on board.

Whatever questions, suggestions and comments you may have today or the next day are greatly welcome. There is no such thing as a dumb question. Let’s just get that out of the way. Let’s clear the air. If you think you have such a very basic question that you might think that it might be insulting to people’s intelligence, don’t think twice. Don’t doubt it. Just post it and we will help you.

We are a respectful community. Nobody’s going to insult you. Nobody’s going to call your intelligence or your timing into question. Anything and everything is welcome. As long as it’s about Serbian culture, as long as it’s positive, and as long as it helps people, we are all for it.