Be Proud of Being Serbian. Hold Your Head Up Wherever You Are

Heads UP!

Serbia has been around for a long, long time. It hasn’t always been called Serbia, but our Slavic culture has been around forever.

I know that that sounds like a bold claim, but it’s true. If you look at the history of Germany and the Germanic peoples, it is history that arises from an interaction with surrounding people. We are one of those surrounding people.

The Slavic people arose in Central and Eastern Europe and migrated down to Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and the Balkans. Serbians are part of the Balkan-Slavic migration. Still, we trace our roots to the greater linguistic grouping that originally came from Central and Eastern Europe.

We have a lot to be proud of. We have overcome a lot of struggles. There have been many situations where other cultures have tried to snuff out our proud culture. Instead of taking all those challenges lying down, instead of passively accepting our fate, we stood up and we fought back.

We were not always successful. There were a lot of sacrifices and there were a lot of pain along the way, but we did make ourselves known and were able, against all odds, to preserve our culture. That is worth preserving. That is worth being proud of.

Regardless of what you feel about Serbian politics and other Serbian people or community organizations in your part of the world, you still have a lot to be proud of because we have withstood so much punishment and so much opposition throughout centuries.

If you are looking for a people that has stood defiant against the Moslem invasion of Eastern Europe in the form of the Ottoman Empire, you need to look no further than the proud Serbians. We did not compromise our religion. We did not surrender. Even as we got conquered, we still defied. We defied in the only way we know how.

We were able to stand up to our Ottoman oppressors and conquerors by proudly preserving our culture. When the time came, we were able to break free and become our own country. Serbia had a place in the past, continues to have a place in the global community now, and we will continue to hold our heads high among the community of nations long into the future.

We have so much to give and we have so much to contribute. We’ve already contributed in the past, we are contributing now, and will continue to contribute because that is who we are. We are proud, we are few, but we have so much love for our country and for each other. We are proud to be Serbians.

If you are looking for great information about your mother culture and motherland, this is the place to be. Everyone’s welcome. Tell your friends all about us. Let’s build this global Serbian community so we can continue to help our community, regardless of where they find themselves all over the world.

We are one people. We have the same blood running through our veins. All this blood traces back to our mother country, Serbia.